Nativity of the Virgin Mary
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Greek Kitchen

Kali Oreksi!

(Includes Rice Pilaf, Peas, Greek Salad, Bread and Butter)

Roast Leg of Lamb $15
Generous portion of Boneless Leg of Lamb specially seasoned and slow roasted. A traditional Greek favorite!

Pastitsio $12
Described as “Greek Lasagna”. A large portion of pasta noodles layered with seasoned beef, topped with a béchamel sauce, baked to golden brown.

Dolmathes $12
Hand-picked Grape Leaves stuffed with seasoned beef and rice. Served with or without Avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce.

Souvlakia $14
One pork and one chicken kebob marinated, skewered and grilled to perfection!

“Taste of Greece” Combination Plate $16
A hefty Greek sampling of Roast Leg of Lamb, Pastitsio, and Dolmathes.


Gyro Sandwich $8
On pita bread topped with tzaziki sauce, onions and tomatoes

Chicken or Pork Souvlakia $8
Kebob on pita bread

Saganaki $7
Flaming Greek cheese served with pita bread

Greek Fries $4
Greek Spices and Feta Cheese

Tiropita $5
Greek style cheese pie

Spanakopita $5
Greek style spinach pie

Skordalia $3
Greek garlic dip

Greek Salad $5

Fresh Fruit $3

Kid’s Hot Dog $2

Kid’s Mac and Cheese  $2

Soda Pop  $2

Bottled Water $2



Although fresh fruit is always served after a Greek meal, a sweet dessert follows an hour or two later. There is no doubt that Greeks have a sweet tooth! Many of these traditional pastries and cakes are known as glyka tou tapsiou, meaning “sweets from the baking pan.” Many are made with delicate tissue-thin phylo (filo) pastry, baked to a golden brown and dipped in honey or syrup. Serve them as snacks or dessert and in true Greek fashion, provide Greek Coffee and a tall glass of ice cold water- perfect compliments to the richness of the pastry.

Baklava $2
Layers of buttered filo with walnuts, sugar, and spices topped with honey syrup

Galaktoboureko $2
Custard baked in filo and topped with syrup

Theples $2
Crisp pastry coated with honey, cinnamon, and ground walnuts

Koulourakia $6 (1 dozen)
Braided butter cookies

Kourambiethes $2 ea. or $3 for 2
Butter cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar

Melomacarona $2 ea. or $3 for 2
Cookies dipped in light honey syrup and sprinkled with nuts

Toloumbes bite size $2 for 5

Karithopita $3
Walnut cake



Tiropita $5
Greek style cheese pie

Spanakopita $5
Greek style spinach pie

Tsoureki (Sweet Bread)  $10
Braided sweet bread

Baklava Sundae $4
Vanilla Ice Cream with pieces of Baklava drizzled with chocolate syrup

Loukoumathes $4 for 6, $7 for 12

Variety Box - Large $12

Archdiocese Cookbook $22

Nativity Cookbook $10



Draft Beer $4

Pitcher $13

Greek Beer $4

Greek Wine $4

Wine by the Bottle $16

Retsina - Mini Bottle $7

Ouzo - Shot $4

Metaxa - Shot $4

Ouzo Slushies $6

Bottled Water $2

*Alcohol will only be sold to those guests 21 & over with proper I.D.



Greek Coffee $3

Regular or Decaf Coffee $2

Frappe – Iced Greek Coffee $4

Bottled Water $2


Guided tours are available.


Be sure to visit the Kids Corner. Plenty to do for the little ones too!

(See map in program for locations)


Upcoming Schedule
Sunday, June 24th
Nativity of John the Baptist
8:45am Orthros
10:00am Divine Liturgy
Thursday, June 28th
Mandatory Ministies Meeting @6:30pm in church hall
(Dinner will be served)
Friday, June 29th
Apostles Peter and Paul
Orthros @ 9:00am
Divine Liturgy @ 10:00am
Galbraith/Kwiatkowski Wedding Rehearsal @ 6:00pm
Saturday, June 30th
Synaxis of the Holy Apostles
Orthros @ 9:00am
Divine Liturgy @ 10:00am
Galbraith/Kwiatkowski Wedding @ 1:00pm
Sunday, July 1st
5th Sunday of Matthew
8:45am Orthros
10:00am Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, July 4th
Independence Day-Church Office Closed
Clergy Laity - Boston
Sunday, July 8th
6th Sunday of Matthew
8:45am Orthros
10:00am Divine Liturgy
Fr. Nick Vacation following services-Greece
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