Nativity of the Virgin Mary
Greek Orthodox Church
Plymouth, Michigan
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Greek Kitchen

Kali Oreksi!

(Includes Rice Pilaf, Peas, Greek Salad, Bread and Butter)

Roast Leg of Lamb $15
Generous portion of Boneless Leg of Lamb specially seasoned and slow roasted. A traditional Greek favorite!

Pastitsio $12
Described as “Greek Lasagna”. A large portion of pasta noodles layered with seasoned beef, topped with a béchamel sauce, baked to golden brown.

Dolmathes $12
Hand-picked Grape Leaves stuffed with seasoned beef and rice. Served with or without Avgolemono (egg and lemon) sauce.

Souvlakia $14
One pork and one chicken kebob marinated, skewered and grilled to perfection!

“Taste of Greece” Combination Plate $16
A hefty Greek sampling of Roast Leg of Lamb, Pastitsio, and Dolmathes.


Gyro Sandwich $8
On pita bread topped with tzaziki sauce, onions and tomatoes

Chicken or Pork Souvlakia $8
Kebob on pita bread

Saganaki $7
Flaming Greek cheese served with pita bread

Greek Fries $4
Greek Spices and Feta Cheese

Tiropita $5
Greek style cheese pie

Spanakopita $5
Greek style spinach pie

Skordalia $3
Greek garlic dip

Greek Salad $5

Fresh Fruit $3

Kid’s Hot Dog $2

Kid’s Mac and Cheese  $2

Soda Pop  $2

Bottled Water $2



Although fresh fruit is always served after a Greek meal, a sweet dessert follows an hour or two later. There is no doubt that Greeks have a sweet tooth! Many of these traditional pastries and cakes are known as glyka tou tapsiou, meaning “sweets from the baking pan.” Many are made with delicate tissue-thin phylo (filo) pastry, baked to a golden brown and dipped in honey or syrup. Serve them as snacks or dessert and in true Greek fashion, provide Greek Coffee and a tall glass of ice cold water- perfect compliments to the richness of the pastry.

Baklava $2
Layers of buttered filo with walnuts, sugar, and spices topped with honey syrup

Galaktoboureko $2
Custard baked in filo and topped with syrup

Theples $2
Crisp pastry coated with honey, cinnamon, and ground walnuts

Koulourakia $6 (1 dozen)
Braided butter cookies

Kourambiethes $2 ea. or $3 for 2
Butter cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar

Melomacarona $2 ea. or $3 for 2
Cookies dipped in light honey syrup and sprinkled with nuts

Toloumbes bite size $2 for 5

Karithopita $3
Walnut cake



Tiropita $5
Greek style cheese pie

Spanakopita $5
Greek style spinach pie

Tsoureki (Sweet Bread)  $10
Braided sweet bread

Baklava Sundae $4
Vanilla Ice Cream with pieces of Baklava drizzled with chocolate syrup

Loukoumathes $4 for 6, $7 for 12

Variety Box - Large $12

Archdiocese Cookbook $22

Nativity Cookbook $10



Draft Beer $4

Pitcher $13

Greek Beer $4

Greek Wine $4

Wine by the Bottle $16

Retsina - Mini Bottle $7

Ouzo - Shot $4

Metaxa - Shot $4

Ouzo Slushies $6

Bottled Water $2

*Alcohol will only be sold to those guests 21 & over with proper I.D.



Greek Coffee $3

Regular or Decaf Coffee $2

Frappe – Iced Greek Coffee $4

Bottled Water $2


Guided tours are available.


Be sure to visit the Kids Corner. Plenty to do for the little ones too!

(See map in program for locations)


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