Nativity of the Virgin Mary - Special Events 60 Michigan GOYA Lenten Retreat, Saturday March 10th 11:30am - 7:00pm Wed, 14 Feb 2018 00:00:00 -0500 <div><img border="0" hspace="5" vspace="0" align="left" src=""><p>Location: <a href=";ty=18&amp;q=Saints%20Constantine%20and%20Helen%20Greek%20Orthodox%20Church&amp;ss=ypid.YN426x7709030&amp;ppois=42.352970123291_-83.4029312133789_Saints%20Constantine%20and%20Helen%20Greek%20Orthodox%20Church_YN426x7709030~&amp;cp=42.35297~-83.402931&amp;v=2&amp;sV=1">Sts. Constantine and Helen Church</a>, Westland, MI. All GOYAns are invited to attend this annual Lenten gathering of faith and fellowship. This event is free. All participants (youth and chaperones) <strong>must register online by February 24, 2018</strong> at <a href=""></a></p></div> Nativity of the Virgin Mary